Taps - Cutting speed and lubrication

Cutting speeds

The cutting speeds for taps depend on following parameters: 
- material of the workpiece
- tap geometries
- lubrication
- and more.

You can fin the cutting speed in the product describtions of the taps.


It is recommended to use one of the following coolings or lubrications to improve the thread results andtool life time.

Dry machining and pressurized air

  • cast iron
  • (Cooled) pressurized air is used for chip removal


  • Most common coolant-lubricant for thread cutting

Thread cutting oil

  • Achieving excellent thread surfaces and tool life time

Thread cutting paste

  • suitable for forming taps
  • good results with horizontal cutting direction
  • for bigger diameters and through holes

MQL - Minimum-quantity lubrication

  • cooling by aerosol