BAER Business segments

Are you looking for drill chucks, wire thread inserts or self-tapping thread inserts? Our special business fields focus on the development, production and sale of these tools.

BaerCoil® and BaerFix® - Thread Repair and Thread Reinforcement

Wire thread inserts and self-tapping thread inserts

BaerCoil® wire thread inserts are used for thread repair and thread reinforcement. Our range of thread repair kits, thread inserts and tools is one of the largest and most comprehensive product ranges on the market worldwide.

BaerFix® are self-tapping thread inserts for thread repair and reinforcement. Choose from different sizes, sets and types.

BAER Drill chuck - Convenient order processing via our Online-Shop

Self-clamping drill chuck with clamping jaws

We offer all kinds of drill chucks - from drill chucks for cordless screwdrivers to high precision drill chucks for CNC machines. Order conveniently in our Online-Shop.

BAER Factory sale - taps and dies directly online from the professionals

Take a look around at your leisure in our Online-Shop around. Our extensive range offers you hand taps, machine taps, combination taps, bit taps, machine taps, taps, dies, hexagonal cutting nuts, twist drills, thread plug gauges, thread ring gauges, dies, die holders, wire thread inserts, self-tapping threaded bushes and drill chucks. You get the best quality in all designs and for different applications and materials at an excellent price-performance ratio. Tools from professionals for professionals.

BAER Catalogs

Product catalog from BAER as flip page catalog or as PDF file

Take a look at our new tap and die catalog. With over 4,000 different articles, it shows a large part of our delivery program. In addition, we have cataloged many rare dimensions and standards as well as tools for special applications.

View the catalog directly as a flip page catalog or download it as a PDF file.

BAER Online-Shop

Laptop with Online-Shop in the warehouse

Buy taps and dies directly online from the professional. Benefit from the largest selection with over 7,000 different items, high stock availability, factory outlet prices and best quality.

In addition, you will find numerous tips and technical information on each thread and tap, so you can quickly find the right tool for your application.