This is how it works with the thread: Screw taps from BAER

From screws to screw caps - we all encounter threads every day. In trade and industry, they usually serve to hold two components together and thus literally play a supporting role for the stability and safety of machines and constructions. In order for them to do justice to this task, threads must be precisely cut. And this is exactly where the taps from BAER come into play. High-quality raw material, a great deal of care in manufacturing and 40 years of experience form the basis for our comprehensive range of thread cutters. You can rely on our quality!

A thread rarely comes alone – taps for internal and external threads

A thread always consists of two parts, an internal and an external thread. The female thread is found in the receiving drill hole or nut, the male thread on the matching screw. This means that the male and female threads always form a pair and are also standardized accordingly. When you buy taps, you should therefore pay particular attention to the correct thread standard.

Taps for external threads are called dies. On the outside of these cylindrical tools are holes for the retaining screws and a V-groove. On the inside, there are the peel cut, the threaded part with the thread lands and the chip holes. The thread lands specify the thread profile that can be cut with this tap. In addition to the round shape, there is also the hexagonal tap, which is mainly used for re-tapping and thread repair.

Taps are the corresponding taps for internal threads. They are drills that cut a thread in a prepared hole. They consist of a shank and a head. The thread profile on the head determines the type of thread. The dimensions for this are specified by the various thread standards. In addition, the head usually has a straight or spiral groove for chip removal. The shape of the head also indicates whether the tap is suitable for a blind hole or a through hole. A through hole is drilled completely through a component so that the tap exits on the back side. A blind hole, on the other hand, only extends a little way into the component.

Quality for long life time

The high quality of the steel we use ensures that our tools are extremely robust. Special hardening and multiple tempering processes make the hardness structure very homogeneous and offers a perfect basis for a genuine BAER tap. This increases the toughness and stability of the taps and allows them to remain in use for longer time.

Machine tap

Machine guided taps for blind hole and through hole

Machine taps are used especially in industrial manufacturing. They can be used in CNC machines, tapping machines, cordless drills and pneumatic tapping arms, among others. Since they are characterized by high efficiency and low production costs, they are often used in mass production. The thread is cut by machine in one operation. Thus, although the BAER-machine tap can basically be compared with single-cut taps, it is designed for use with the machine. Choose here between long and short versions, different gate shapes and flutes - depending on the material you want to machine.

Combination machine tap

Combination tap with twist drill head

If you want to produce an internal thread, the combination tap is the right choice. The preceding twist drill head produces the core hole, into which the internal thread is subsequently cut with the threaded part. The combination tap is suitable for short through holes up to 1.5 x nominal thread diameter. All materials that can be machined well and have a maximum tensile strength of up to approx. 600 N/mm² can be machined. There is no DIN standard for combination taps and they are therefore manufactured according to the BAER factory standard.

Short machine taps

Single-cut tap, drill thread by hand in only one operation

Cutting a finished thread with just one tool in one operation, even by hand - is that possible? Yes, the single-cut tap makes it possible. Whether by hand or semi-professionally by machine, this internal tap with full thread profile cuts precisely and saves time. At the same time, it cuts precisely and straight into the core hole - an absolute must when drilling threads. And all this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio in well-known BAER quality.

Special tap

Special tap with special thread, shank or receptacle

Are you looking for a special tap that we do not have listed in our range? Here, too, we offer you solutions that are individually tailored to your requirements. BAER is not only characterized by quality and technical know-how, but also scores with flexibility. Thus, we develop and produce special taps to meet even special requirements in thread production. These include: Special profiles, special and intermediate sizes as well as special taps, dies and special material. If it has to go particularly fast, you can benefit from our express production.

Nut tap

Nut tap with long lead and long shank

The nut taps are used for the production of nuts with metric ISO standard threads according to DIN 13-1. They have a long gate with about 2/3 of the thread length. This has the advantage that the nut tap is very durable due to the good cut distribution and the long tool life. The surface of the cut thread receives a very high quality due to the long gate and thus ensures a secure hold and even distribution of forces of the screw connection. The proven BAER quality stands for this. The nut taps, which are standardized according to DIN 357, are suitable for short through holes up to a maximum of 1.5 x nominal thread diameter.

Hand tap

Three-piece hand tap set with pre-cutter, center tap and finishing tap

The BAER hand tap is especially suitable for use in tap wrenches or holding tools. In contrast to the machine tap with a long shank, the hand tap is manufactured in a short version. This allows you to cut internal threads by hand without jamming. Also, the lower force applied to each tap is advantageous, as it reduces the risk of breakage. Whether coarse or fine threads - BAER offers you the right hand tap sets. You use the three-part sets with rough, middle and finish taps for coarse threads such as M, BSW, UNC. For fine threads such as MF, BSF, UNF, G-tube/BSP, the two-piece sets are suitable. The advantage of multi-part hand taps is that the respective parts of a set share the cutting power: The pre-cutter takes 65 percent of the thread profile, the center tap takes 85 percent and the finish tap takes 100 percent. This makes it easier to cut a straight and clean thread by hand.

Bit tap

Bit tap and combination bit tap for cordless screwdriver or drilling machine

The bit tap is particularly practical for repair and assembly work. It is ideally suited for mobile use for tapping with cordless drills and hand drills with clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Choose between two types: the bit tap, which only cuts threads, and the combination bit tap, which drills the core hole, cuts threads and deburrs/sinks. It is important that your cordless drill can provide the necessary torque. In addition, it is important that you set the tool plumb to the hole, as you also have to follow the pitch in the feed once per revolution. Cutting the thread with the cordless screwdriver requires some practice.

Mini tap

Mini tap for model making

In the field of precision mechanics, in model and apparatus construction, and in cell phones, the screw connections are extremely small. The bore must be adapted accordingly. BAER-Taps with a nominal diameter of 0.3 to 2.0 millimeters are the solution. The mini taps are particularly suitable for automatic lathes and tapping machines.

Tap for use by hand or in the machine

If you want to buy a tap, then you have to choose between manual and machine use. Are you a do-it-yourselfer or craftsman and only need to cut a thread now and then in your daily work in the workshop? In that case, taps that can be used without a machine will suffice. Taps for machine use are mainly used in industry, where many threads are cut in a short time or parts are manufactured in series.

In any case, always make sure to use the right tap for your purposes. Hand taps are not suitable for machine use and vice versa. For external threads, you will need a die holder in addition to the tap when cutting by hand. For internal threads, there are special hand taps, usually offered as a tap set with three parts. Pre-cutter, middle cutter and finishing cutter build on each other in their action and are used in the specified sequence. By distributing the load over three taps, lower forces act on each individual tool, making work easier and reducing the risk of damage.

Taps for machines, on the other hand, are so-called single-cut taps. This means that only one operation is required to cut the thread. This saves time, but also requires a high level of force, which can only be achieved with suitable machines. Whether the purchase is worthwhile for you depends above all on how often the tap is used in your work.

High-speed steel: The basis for high-quality taps

At BAER we attach great importance to precision and a long service life of our taps. The basis for this is the choice of the starting material. High-speed steel, also abbreviated HSS after the English designation High Speed Steel, has optimal properties to guarantee our customers the highest quality. HSS is extremely heat-resistant and can also cope with application temperatures above 600°C, which enables high cutting speeds and very good breaking strength of our taps. In addition, it also has excellent grindability. This is noticeable in production, but also in your workshop. This is because blunt taps can be easily reground, which further increases their already long service life.

BAER-UNI products- All-rounder threading tools for best results

The UNI products from BAER are characterized by their universal application possibilities and, at the same time, long service lives. We have developed material structures, geometries and coatings especially with our customers in order to produce threads flexibly and efficiently.

UNIForm - Taps for all applications

Thread formers replace the thread cutting

Fast and efficient - this is how easy it is to produce internal threads mechanically with the thread former. You can use the UNIForm thread former for almost all materials. Your advantage: The application is uncomplicated and the result is excellent. You have little effort and save costs at the same time.

UNITap - Taps for all applications

Blind hole thread cutting in all materials

The unique cutting geometry combined with the TiAIN coating makes the UNITap tap an all-rounder: It can be used in almost all materials and ensures optimum results. This means you only need one tap to machine all the materials you want. This saves time and costs - a real revolution in tapping.

Taps and more at BAER Online-Shop

In our assortment you will find all products around the topic of threads. Of course, we carry a wide range of thread cutters for every application. Not only the most widely used metric standard thread in Europe we have in the store, but also other international standards or special threads for special applications.

Especially popular are our sets and assortments. Here we have put together for you a hand-picked selection of thread cutters and other tools as well as accessories for a wide range of applications. A thread cutting set is particularly suitable if you have an increased demand or are new to thread cutting. This way, you don't have to tediously search for the tools you need, but have everything you need for your precisely cut thread with just one click. Of course, you also have the option of purchasing each tap individually, for example if you have a very specific need or want to replace a tool.

In addition to the taps themselves, you'll need a few other tools for your threading work. These include twist drills, lubricants and countersinks for optimum preparation of the receiving hole. For manual use of the tap, you will also need holding tools such as winches or die holders. We also offer inserts, assembly tools and taps for thread repair. Take a look around our Online-Shop and convince yourself of our selection!

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