Step drills – especially for thin materials

Step drills are ideal for burr-free drilling and reaming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles as well as for enlarging existing holes. In contrast to the peeling drill, they cut cylindrical holes. The respective next drilling step deburrs the hole produced. BAER step drills are suitable for machining structural steels, CrNi steels (stainless steels), non-ferrous metals and up to a thickness of 4.00 mm.

Two operations at one stroke

With the BAER step drill, you can bore, ream and deburr sheet metal in just one operation. This saves time and leads directly to an exact and burr-free hole. Depending on the coating and tool steel, the step drill is suitable for soft or hard materials. If you use cutting paste or cutting spray when cutting metals, you will significantly extend the life time of your step drill.

Special areas of application of step drills:

  • Automotive and aerospace industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Switchboard construction
  • Electrical industry


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HSS step drill for cable glands

The HSS step drill is specially designed for the production of cable glands. In contrast to the peeling drill, it cuts cylindrical holes. In each case, the next drilling step deburrs the hole created. It is suitable for processing installation boxes, cable junction boxes, house junction boxes, control cabinets, switching and control devices as well as housings.

Step drill sets

Several sizes at the same time on one handle: That's what we offer you with the BAER step drill sets. The plastic box stacks well, closes securely and opens easily. The step drills are clearly presented in different sizes - all you have to do is choose

HSS-TiAlN step drills for stainless steels

The geometry, base material and coating of this step drills are specially designed for machining stainless steel. The TiAIN coating increases the surface hardness and sliding properties with a temperature resistance of up to 800 °C. This results in higher cutting performance and tool life time.

BAER-UNI-products – all-rounders for best results

BAER's UNI-products are characterized by their universal application possibilities and, at the same time, long tool live time. We have developed material structures, geometries and coatings especially with our customers in order to produce threads flexibly and efficiently.

UNIForm – Forming taps for all applications

Fast and efficient - this is how easy it is to produce internal threads mechanically with the forming tap. You can use the UNIForm-forming taps for almost all materials. Your advantage: The application is uncomplicated and the result is excellent. You have little effort and save costs at the same time. 

UNITap – Taps for all applications

The unique cutting geometry combined with the TiAIN-coating makes the UNITap an all-rounder: It can be used in almost all materials and ensures optimum results. This means you only need one tap to machine all the materials you want. This saves time and costs - a real revolution in tapping.