Universal high-end tap
A real revolution in thread cutting

UNiTap - Unique geometries

UNITAP Drawing geometries: Tap for through and blind holes

The unique cutting geometry of the UNiTap tap is the result of years of research, enabling the user to machine almost all materials and making the tap universal in its applications.

During tapping, the greatest forces are generated at the front of the gate, so this is significantly relieved by structural changes at UNiTap. The result is lower torque and longer tap life. In addition, the areas directly after the gate have been modified to ideally guide the chip in order to prevent possible blockages. Overcutting/undercutting of the thread is also no longer possible with this profile change.

The design sets new standards in user-friendliness, durability and versatility.

  • for almost all materials
  • for almost every application
  • excellent cutting results
  • long tool life
  • unique cutting edge geometry
  • ideal for all workshops and manufacturing with changing requirements
  • enormous cost savings - only one tool for all applications
BAER UNiTap - Product video

A professional in every application and all materials

Taps with machine operation
  • Steels and steel alloys up to 1200 N/mm²
  • Stainless steels up to 1000 N/mm²; stainless steels; VA steels, INOX, V2A, V4A
  • Aluminum; cast and wrought aluminum alloys
  • Cast iron with lamellar graphite (GG) and with nodular graphite (GGG) up to 1000 N/mm²; gray cast iron, nodular cast iron
  • Pure titanium and titanium alloys up to 900 N/mm²
  • Pure nickel and nickel alloys up to 900 N/mm²
  • Copper; copper alloys and brass (all chip lengths)

Cost savings and flexibility

Due to its universal application possibilities, the work of several taps can be done with one tap. This can save costs of up to 90%.

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