Tap wrench and die holder - accurate fit and solid

With our actuating tools (tap wrenches and die holders) from BAER manual tapping is child's play! In industry, the machine tap is often used, but there are also situations where taps are still operated manually, for example when re-tapping or re-tapping threads.

Our tap wrenches are the perfect solution for clamping the tap during manual thread cutting. This way, the tool sits bombproof and supports you in exerting greater leverage. Of course, we also offer adjustable tap wrenches that allow you to clamp different sized taps.

The sturdy zinc die-cast winch bars are particularly easy to operate and not only allow you to change tools quickly, but also have a lever that can be turned off on one side so that you can also work with the winch bar in hard-to-reach places.

Tool ratchet for tap

Tap tool ratchet with ratchet in short version

We offer you the operating tool with ratchet in proven BAER quality. Choose - depending on the application - the short or long version for taps with square shank. To clamp the tap, the chuck can be easily opened and closed. With the lever, you can set the chuck to clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The ratchet function of the tool ratchet is particularly practical when you need to cut the thread in tight situations.

Adjustable steel tap for taps

Black steel adjustable winch bar

In contrast to die casting, the all-steel tap is suitable for higher torques, such as those encountered with larger tap diameters. The holding tool in steel has the necessary stability for this. The cast steel used is significantly more stable than the die-cast version and the quality of workmanship promises you a long tool life.

Steel cutter holder

Black steel adjustable die holder

BAER-Die holders made of cast steel are manufactured according to DIN. Intensive quality tests ensure the best quality of the material and the tool - and thus perfect results and long tool life. Choose your die holder according to the outer diameter and height of your die.

Tap extensions

Drill into deep-set female threads with extensions.

With BAER tap extensions according to DIN 10, you can also reach deep-lying internal threads. The extensions are clamped into the tap wrench and the tap is inserted into the extension. In addition to hand taps, you can also use this extension to extend other tools with square shanks, such as screw extractors. Since the BAER tap extensions are made of solid steel, they can also transmit high torques effortlessly.

PRO adjustable tap for taps

very stable winch bar made of high-end zinc die casting

The adjustable tap wrench is a holding tool for cutting internal threads by hand. The quality of the tap wrench lies in the high-end zinc die-cast body as well as the premium clamping jaws, the holding handles and the stable geometry. The long levers on the right and left help to cut plumb into the hole and easily apply the required torque. The compact and robust design in die-cast zinc ensures a very good price-performance ratio. Another advantage is the easy handling and the short changeover times.

PRO cutter holder

very stable die holder made of high-end zinc die casting

You need a die holder to hold round dies. BAER-Die holders are manufactured according to DIN and are equipped with four, or five fastening screws for larger diameters. The screws have a tip that centers in the pilot holes of the cutting irons. The die holder is made of zinc die casting and is resilient and wear resistant. Benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio.

Die guides

Die guides - the perfect solution for perpendicular threads

The challenge when cutting an external thread is to place the die plumb against the bolt. The die guide is inserted into the die holder before inserting the die. This allows the bolt to be guided through the hole and the thread behind it to be cut by the die. With the BAER die guide, you ensure a straight running cutting direction and the thread flanks are cut precisely. This gives you a perfect, plumb external thread. BAER-Die guides are made entirely of steel in turned quality. They stand out strongly from the zinc die-cast quality of competitors. Additional holes in the die guides ensure that the chip can drain off well.

Die holder and winch iron - appearance and use

In addition to the tap wrenches as holders for taps (internal threads), our actuating tools also include die holders. From this point of view, the tap wrench is also not a hand tool, but rather a tool handle or holding device.

Both tools have been known for a long time, but today they are manufactured in a more sophisticated way

  • The winchiron has been in use for more than 100 years and has remained virtually unchanged, although the material has of course improved. What was made with gray cast iron back then is now mostly made of zinc die cast or high quality cast steel, making it stronger and more durable than before.
  • The die holder is a more recent development that was unknown 100 years ago. At that time, the external threads were cut with cutting lumps and later replaced by round dies. Today, the die holder is also usually made of zinc die casting or cast steel.

We can offer you dies and die holders of the highest quality for precision-fit work in different variants.

Both serve as tool extensions for manual work

Extensions and tool holders for manual operation make the use of taps and dies possible in the first place. The adjustable holding tools are made of zinc die-cast or steel. They apply enough torque to the taps and dies so you can cut your threads by hand.

The tap wrench gives you more leverage and extra torque as you work. This helps whenever you need to work in tight spaces with small hand tools. The extension that the winch iron provides gives you more reach and allows you to work more effectively and precisely.

Differences in shape tap wrench (square) and tap holder (round)

Every tap manufactured according to DIN has a square at the end of the shank. To ensure that the tap and its square end fit together, the DIN 10 standard defines the dimensions for the outer square end of the tap.

A tap wrench usually consists of two metal rods as well as a central part with two locking jaws, which allow flexible fastening of the tap. Depending on the product and design, you can get different length tap wrenches with different maximum values of the clamping jaws.

Dies, on the other hand, are round and have grooves or holes on the lateral surface. The dimensions for the die diameters, heights and the mounting holes/grooves are specified in DIN EN 22568 (formerly DIN 223 B). This ensures that corresponding dies fit into the respective die holders.

BAER-Tool holders are stable and durable. Convince yourself.

Difference in use:

  • The die holder is used for cutting external threads with a die
  • The die is used for cutting internal threads with a tap

Do you have any further questions or do you need product details, for example about our sets and assortments, which you cannot find in the product description in the store? We are at your disposal for all desired information!

BAER-UNI products- All-rounder threading tools for best results

The UNI products from BAER are characterized by their universal application possibilities and, at the same time, long service lives. We have developed material structures, geometries and coatings especially with our customers in order to produce threads flexibly and efficiently.

UNIForm - Taps for all applications

Thread former: How to produce internal threads by machine

Fast and efficient - this is how easy it is to produce internal threads mechanically with the thread former. You can use the UNIForm thread former for almost all materials. Your advantage: The application is uncomplicated and the result is excellent. You have little effort and save costs at the same time.

UNITap - Taps for all applications

Optimal results with the tap in almost all materials.

The unique cutting geometry combined with the TiAIN coating makes the UNITap tap an all-rounder: It can be used in almost all materials and ensures optimum results. This means you only need one tap to machine all the materials you want. This saves time and costs - a real revolution in tapping.

BAER Top products in the range of die holder and winch bar

In our extensive range you will find a wide selection of winch bars and die holders for everyday use.

We have recorded some examples for you below in the brief overview, please inform yourself in detail about properties, functions, material and other important points in the detailed product description of the store. Of course, you can also contact us at any time if you need more information about the products.

Please also note that we are constantly adding innovative and high-quality tools to our store, so the following overview is only a snapshot:

  • Tool Ratchet for taps - tool with ratchet in short or long version for taps with square shank; easy to operate; right and left rotation adjustable; ideal for working in confined spaces
  • Adjustable PRO tap for taps - holding tool for manual cutting of internal threads; highest quality (zinc die casting); robust and stable; easy handling
  • Adjustable steel tap holder for taps - all-steel design for higher torques; stable and durable
  • PRO die holder - for holding round dies, according to DIN; heavy-duty model made of die-cast zinc, wear-resistant.
  • Steel die holder - DIN standardized cast steel version in highest quality for best results
  • Die guides - for a straight cutting direction and a perfectly plumb external thread
  • Tap extensions - ideal for deep internal threads, made of solid steel, also suitable for high torques, DIN 10 version.

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