Sets and kits – all in one

BAER threading sets for cutting internal and external threads are available in various metric and imperial thread standards. We have put together for you taps, dies, twist drills and matching operating tools in various combinations in high industrial quality.

Choose your threading tools in practical boxes made of plastic, wood or sheet metal. Enjoy your well-sorted tools, which are always ready to hand for the next use. This makes working enjoyable and effective. 

You do not find the set or kit you need? Contact us.

Taps and dies sets

You already have the holding tools and core hole drills and only want to buy additional thread standards such as UNF, left-hand thread or BSP pipe thread? You will find everything you need for tapping or drilling in our assortments with taps and dies. Matching to the tap you will find the right die in the set. So you always have the right tap for the internal and external thread at hand.

Hand tap sets

With the right tool, tapping by hand succeeds safely. The three-piece sets of taper tap, intermediate tap and finishing tap divide the work of tapping evenly. This makes it easier for you to cut straight into the hole and get better control when tapping. A variety of hand tap sets are available to you. They include taps for UNC American coarse threads as well as taps and dies in various sizes. Assortments with or without holding tools and matching twist drills are available for you.

Wooden box assortments with taps and holding tools

What fits better and is more durable than packing high-quality tools in an equally high-quality wooden box? The wood is milled to fit the tools exactly and has corresponding inlays. This means that the tools are ideally protected and stowed away particularly safely. You will enjoy it for a lifetime. Wooden boxes are very popular because they can safely hold heavy tools in many dimensions and with most dimensional ranges. Even large G(BSP) sizes and NPT threads are no problem - even up to the dimensional range M 30 or even 2". Just contact us.

Machine tap sets

Benefit from best BAER quality for the production of internal threads in different forms and for different applications. Choose your machine tap set with hand taps and machine taps for different materials like stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum or cast iron. As a real revolution among taps, we recommend UniTap with its special geometry and grinding pattern. It can be used for almost all materials. Especially workshops and productions with frequently changing requirements benefit from its use.

Die sets

You use threading dies to produce external threads. These round are available in various versions, thread standards and sizes. Choose from BAER die sets with or without holding tools and partly also with die guides, so that you always apply correctly against the bolts.

BAER-UNI-products – all-rounders for best results

BAER's UNI-products are characterized by their universal application possibilities and, at the same time, long tool live time. We have developed material structures, geometries and coatings especially with our customers in order to produce threads flexibly and efficiently.

UNIForm – Forming taps for all applications

Fast and efficient - this is how easy it is to produce internal threads mechanically with the forming tap. You can use the UNIForm-forming taps for almost all materials. Your advantage: The application is uncomplicated and the result is excellent. You have little effort and save costs at the same time. 

UNITap – Taps for all applications

The unique cutting geometry combined with the TiAIN-coating makes the UNITap an all-rounder: It can be used in almost all materials and ensures optimum results. This means you only need one tap to machine all the materials you want. This saves time and costs - a real revolution in tapping.