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The tool must match the material. What is self-evident in other craft operations such as drilling is just as true when cutting external threads. As a craftsman, you should therefore always be aware of the material you are working with and familiarize yourself with possible special features. Because special cases require special measures, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the tool and the workpiece. So always use cutting tools that are designed to work with the material you are using.

One such material on which standard cutting irons tend to cut their teeth is stainless steel. That's why you'll find cutting tools for stainless steels in our range that are up to all requirements. With the special thread cutting dies for stainless steels, even hard cases are no longer a problem and you will succeed with the external thread in no time.

The challenge: cutting external threads in stainless steel

Why do you need special thread cutting dies for stainless steels? This is due to the special properties of stainless steel. The term stainless steel is used for steels that are produced with special care and have a high degree of purity. Colloquially, the term stainless steel is almost exclusively associated with stainless steels, but there are also stainless steels that do not have this property. Stainless steels can also be alloyed or unalloyed.

Cutting iron is inserted into a cutting iron holder

Stainless steel is extremely resistant and can not only withstand extraordinary weather conditions, but depending on the grade even acid, salt water or extreme temperatures. In many areas, such as medical technology, the chemical industry or the food industry, people therefore like to use stainless steel, which is also easy to clean. The other side of the coin, however, is that its outstanding properties make stainless steel more difficult to machine and lead to poorer machinability. But that's what BAER is for ! With our cutting tools for stainless steels, the stubborn material is no longer a problem.

The solution: BAER-cutting irons for stainless steels

The secret of our cutting irons for stainless steels lies in the base material. For the production of cutting irons for stainless steel, we use HSSE as the basic material. This is a high-speed steel with a cobalt content of 5%. Cobalt as an alloying element comes with some special properties in its baggage. The element gives the high-speed steel a special hardness and, above all, improved hot hardness resistance. This means that even stainless steels that are difficult to machine can be machined without any problems.

Picture of a round cutter HSSE VA-NT from front side
Picture of a round cutter HSSE VA-NT from the side
Picture of a round cutter HSSE VA-NT, taken obliquely
Picture of a round cutter HSSE VA-NT, horizontal

In the BAER Online-Shop you will find cutting irons for stainless steels, which additionally have a significantly higher surface hardness due to nitriding. The geometry of these thread cutting dies for stainless steels has also been specially designed for machining stainless steels. The peel cut allows for smooth chip evacuation in the cutting direction, and the threading tools are also lapped to smooth the cutting edges and further help reduce friction. Take a look around and find the perfect thread cutting die for stainless steels! And if you have any questions, the competent BAER customer service will be happy to help.

BAER Round thread cutting dies for stainless steels

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