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Whether you are a full-time craftsman or a passionate do-it-yourselfer, you need the right tools for professional results. This means more than just paying attention to quality and high-quality workmanship. In addition, you should also be aware of the cases in which you are dependent on special tools. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that the thread cutting process does not succeed as it should. One material you should always be careful to choose the right thread cutting die for is brass. Its special properties make the material unique, but also complicated to machine. It's a good thing that the cutting irons for brass are available from BAER!

The challenge: cutting external threads in brass

Brass is a copper-zinc alloy that has been used in crafts for thousands of years and is easily recognized by its brownish to reddish color. There are various types of brass, which differ primarily in the amount of zinc they contain. Due to its special properties, brass has maintained a place in the ranking of commonly used materials to this day. Thanks to its beautiful appearance, reminiscent of gold, it is used for decorative elements or fittings and is also a classic starting material for wind instruments. Brass is amagnetic, has good electrical conductivity and shows mechanical stability. For this reason, brass is also found in antennas or the pins of plug connections, among other things. Brass is also still often used in the sanitary sector due to its good corrosion resistance. So in all these areas it may happen that you need a thread cutting die for brass.

Die in die holder when cutting external thread

And you should not do without such a special thread cutting die for brass, because the material is not easy to handle. Making external threads in brass produces very fine chips and can contribute to the formation of a so-called built-up edge. In this case, the smallest material deposits accumulate on the rake faces and condense to form a second cutting edge, which then admittedly no longer delivers the desired results. With a thread cutting die for brass, you are on the safe side and can enjoy perfectly cut external threads even with this tricky material.

The solution: thread cutting dies for brass from BAER

With the BAER-cutting irons for brass, nothing can go wrong when machining the copper-zinc alloy. The geometry of the cutting irons for brass was specially developed for machining this material and can easily handle the special features of the material. For example, the cutting studs are particularly narrow, which reduces friction and prevents the fine chip from being picked up again. This effect is supported by the peel cut, which further improves chip removal. The special cutting angle prevents overlapping and ensures a beautifully formed result.

Image of a round cutter HSS from the front
Picture of round cutter HSS from the side
Image of a round cutter HSS, photographed obliquely
Picture of a round cutter HSS, lying

You will receive the thread cutting dies for brass in our Online-Shop in the usual professional quality. All thread cutting dies are lapped to smooth the cutting edges and reduce thread friction. They are suitable for both short-chipping and long-chipping brass alloys. There is also the right thread cutting die for brass for your project. Take a look around right now!

BAER Round thread cutting dies for brass

You want to cut an external thread in brass? Perfect! Take a look at our Online-Shop and convince yourself.

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