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The satisfaction of our customers is a major concern for us at BAER and the most important pillar of our company philosophy. We want our tools to always support you perfectly in your work. That is why you will find cutting tools for all common and also the less common applications in our wide range. But time and again, our customers work on projects that are so special that you can't get anywhere with standard cutting irons. In these cases, we are on hand at BAER with special cutting ir ons. We manufacture these in close consultation with you and respond precisely to your wishes. This is how we create highly specialized special cutting tools that are precisely tailored to their area of application.

Almost anything is possible with special thread cutting dies from BAER

The right special thread cutting die for every special case - that is our claim. And thanks to our decades of experience, we know exactly how to produce the perfect threading tool for your purpose. Numerous variables can be changed to tailor the special thread cutting die to your application.

We start with special dimensions, i.e. thread cutting dies with unusual outer sizes or in special sizes outside the standard. Special thread cutting dies in special shapes, such as bell dies or stem dies, are used for special space conditions, for example when cutting close to the collar or when there is little space available. We manufacture all special thread cutting dies according to all standard thread norms, but also completely outside the norm, according to your needs. Even special thread types such as saw threads or trapezoidal threads are no problem. You can rely on our expertise here with a clear conscience!

In addition to dimensions and geometry, the materials used naturally also play a major role. We can draw from the full range for our special thread cutting dies, both in terms of starting material and special coatings, and find the perfect combination for your application. For example, we can use titanium-based coatings such as TiN or TiAlN to bring the surface hardness to the desired value. With special thread cutting dies from BAER, you can conquer any material, no matter how hard or difficult to machine, and produce perfect external threads of the highest precision.

Finally, we subject special cutting irons to special treatments such as lapping, if desired. This process for smoothing surfaces produces very high surface qualities compared to grinding and in turn ensures a smooth workflow in your application - in the truest sense of the word!

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Special thread cutting dies are in most cases specially made to customer requirements. So if you have identified a need that you cannot cover with thread cutting dies from our screw tap Online-Shop, please feel free to contact us! Maybe you already have concrete ideas how your special thread cutting die should look like. If not, that is no problem either. You describe your application to us and together we will work out which adjustments we need to make in order to design the perfect cutting tool for you. We look forward to working with you!

Fabrication of a special cutter

Please feel free to contact us, we can make special thread cutting dies according to customers' specifications.

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