Thread type: BSW British Standard Whitworth BS 84

Whitworth Coarse Thread 

The thread presented in the BSW thread table is the British Standard Whitworth thread.It is the British standard thread, which corresponds approximately to the metric standard thread M in its use.The BSW thread is part of the British Standards (BS).Under this name, the British Standards Institution (BSI) defines technical standards for many different areas.The specifications in our BSW thread table correspond to the BS 84 standard.

The standard presented in the BSW thread table is the oldest nationwide thread standard in the world. It was defined by the British engineer Joseph Whitworth back in 1841. In German, the BSW thread is also known simply as the Whitworth thread after its inventor. While it is very common in Great Britain, the BSW thread shown in the table is hardly ever used in Germany - quite unlike the Whitworth pipe thread, for example, which is also the standard for pipe connections in this country.

The BSW thread according to the table has a flank angle of 55°, all dimensions are given in inches. These are also the two major differences to the otherwise very similar metric standard thread.The thread designation is made up of the abbreviation BSW and the outside diameter in inches.Occasionally, the abbreviation W may also be used to describe the BSW thread from the table.

As can be seen from the BSW thread table, a wide range of thread sizes is covered. The range starts at 1/16" and ends at 4". To make it easier for you to work with the Whitworth thread, we have converted all values for you in the BSW thread table. In addition to the imperial dimensions, you will also find the outer diameter in mm. In the BSW thread table, we have specified the pitch in threads per inch, as is usual for inch threads. You will also find the conversion of this information into a metric value.

 Major Diameter inchMajor Diameter mmTPIPitch P in mm
BSW 1/16"0,0631,588600,42
BSW 3/32"0,0942,381480,53
BSW 1/8"0,1253,175400,64
BSW 5/32"0,1563,969320,79
BSW 3/16"0,1884,763241,06
BSW 7/32"0,2195,556241,06
BSW 1/4"0,2506,350201,27
BSW 5/16"0,3137,940181,41
BSW 3/8"0,3759,525161,59
BSW 7/16"0,43811,113141,81
BSW 1/2"0,50012,700122,12
BSW 9/16"0,56314,288122,12
BSW 5/8"0,62515,875112,31
BSW 3/4"0,75019,050102,54
BSW 7/8"0,87522,22592,82
BSW 1"1,00025,40083,18
BSW 1 1/8"1,12528,57573,63
BSW 1 1/4"1,25031,75073,63
BSW 1 3/8"1,37534,92564,23
BSW 1 1/2"1,50038,10064,23
BSW 1 5/8"1,62541,27555,08
BSW 1 3/4"1,75044,45055,08
BSW 1 7/8"1,87547,6254,55,64
BSW 2"2,00050,8004,55,64
BSW 2 1/4"2,25057,15046,35
BSW 2 1/2"2,50063,50046,35
BSW 2 3/4"2,75069,8503,57,26
BSW 3 "3,00076,2003,57,26
BSW 3 1/4"3,25082,5503,257,82
BSW 3 1/2"3,50088,9003,257,82
BSW 3 3/4"3,75095,25038,47
BSW 4"4,000101,60038,47
Cross section of a BSW thread