Thread type: PG - Steel Conduit Thread DIN 40430

You can find the dimensions for the armored conduit thread in the PG thread table. The armored conduit thread according to DIN 40430 is an old thread standard that is rarely used nowadays. The thread according to the PG table belongs to the field of electrical installation. Steel conduits are used here to protect cables and wires in harsh working environments from mechanical damage or other harmful influences. As the steel conduits usually have a thin wall thickness, the PG thread in the table has a shallow thread depth and a flank angle of 80°. The thread shown in the PG thread table was also used for cable glands, in switch boxes or junction cabinets in addition to the steel conduits.

The values listed in the PG thread table do not correspond to the current guidelines for threads on armored pipes. Back in 2000, a new DIN standard was introduced for this area, which uses metric thread dimensions. According to the table, the PG thread may no longer be used for new installations and is now mainly used as a special thread with a very limited area of application, for example for sensors in bioreactors. According to the table, the PG thread may only be used for electrical installations as a replacement for existing components.

As you can see from the PG thread table, the thread designation is made up of the abbreviation PG and a numerical value. The numerical value is based on the diameter of a line that can be laid through the pipe, but is not exactly identical to this. In the PG thread table, you will also find information on the outer diameter in mm and the conversion of this information into inches. The value of the pitch P in mm is also listed in the PG thread table. We have also converted this information into the unit that is most commonly used for inch threads. You can also read the number of threads per inch from the PG thread table, which correlates with the respective pitch value.

 Major Diameter mmconversion: Major Diameter InchPitch P in mmconversion: TPI - Threads per Inch
PG 712,50,4921,2720
PG 915,20,5981,4118
PG 1118,60,7321,4118
PG 13.520,40,8031,4118
PG 1622,50,8861,4118
PG 2128,31,1141,5916
PG 2937,01,4571,5916
PG 3647,01,8501,5916
PG 4254,02,1261,5916
PG 4859,32,3351,5916
Cross section of an armored pipe thread