Thread type: Vg - Valve thread DIN 7756

The Vg thread table shows the values for the valve thread. The valve thread is a special thread that is designed for the valves of vehicle tires. There are basically two types of valve threads. Rubber threads seal the rim hole independently, while screw-in valves require a sealing ring. As a general rule, valves should always be covered with a valve cap. As can also be clearly seen from the Vg thread table, the valve threads have a fine pitch and are therefore particularly susceptible to contamination of any kind. In addition, the location on the vehicle tire further contributes to the fact that unprotected valves would be exposed to excessive influence from environmental factors.

Threads according to the Vg thread table are standardized according to DIN 7756. This is the currently valid standard for valve threads. You must therefore always work with this Vg thread table for new designs. However, there is also an older standard ISO 4570, the dimensions of which are not identical to the valve thread according to the Vg thread table and are therefore not compatible. This ISO 4570 standard should therefore no longer be used. However, if you still need them, threading tools according to ISO 4570 are also available on request.

The dimensions according to the Vg thread table are interchangeable with the specifications of the ETRTO standard. The ETRTO is the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization, which promotes the interchangeability of tires, rims and valves throughout Europe.  

The valve thread has a flank angle of 60°, the pitch is given in turns per inch. The thread designation consists of the abbreviation Vg and the nominal dimension. The Vg thread table lists the seven common valve thread sizes from Vg 5 to Vg 12. The Vg thread table contains all the relevant dimensions you need for working with valve threads. You can read off the outer and core hole diameter in mm for both the bolt and the nut from the Vg thread table. You will also find the number of threads per inch and the conversion of this value into a pitch P in mm. In addition to the Vg thread table, we have also listed the respective ETRTO equivalents for the Vg thread sizes in a separate table.

Valve thread for vehicle tires



BoltNutPitch P in mmThreads 
per Inch
outside-Ø in mmcore-Ø in mmoutside-Ø in mmcore-Ø in mm
Vg 55,2005,1004,4004,3005,5205,4204,7004,6000,70636
Vg 5.25,2805,1803,9003,8005,6805,5804,3004,2001,05824
Vg 66,0305,9305,1305,0306,2806,1805,4005,3000,79432
Vg 87,7477,6206,6316,5048,0617,9346,9456,8180,79432
Vg 9.69,6509,5508,6708,5529,8009,7308,9008,7501,00025
Vg 1010,33810,2119,0628,93510,66410,5379,3889,2610,90728
Vg 1212,24312,09110,86910,71712,60112,44911,22711,0750,97726

In the current VG standard, DIN 7756, 1979, the dimension VG 9.6 was re-recorded with a pitch of 1 mm.
Tools acc. to the old standard, 1963 edition, are available on request.

ETRTO-standard describtions

ETRTO = European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation

DimensionThreads per InchETRTO
Standard 1
Standard 2
Vg 536VO-07-25 V1-2
Vg 5.224VO-08-15 V2-1
Vg 632VO-08-26 V1-1
Vg 832VO-07-58 V1-2
Vg 9.625VO-09-310 V1-1

Valve thread acc. to ISO 4570/1 from 1977

Available on request.

5 V 15,2 x 0,705
5 V 25,2 x 1,058
6 V 16,0 x 0,800
8 V 17,7 x 0,794
Cross section of a Vg thread