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Online Shop - Direct Sales - Industrial selling for Taps and Dies

      BAER - Catalog for
      Cutting Dies and Taps 2016

UNiTap - One machine tap for all applications

Online Shop - Gewindebohrer und Schneideisen Katalog - Gewindebohrer und Schneideisen BAER UNiTap Maschinengewindebohrer

You can buy dies and taps directly from us in our online store.

A huge range of over 7000 different threading tools are available. You benefit from quick avaibility of all tools, good direct selling prices and best BAER quality products.

Additionally you can find a lot of technical information about different thread sizes and for using the tools.


New Catalog 2016 - Illustration of a big product range.

A range of over 4000 different threading tools shows a big part of our production range in the catalog. There are also some special sizes and taps and dies for difficult applications in it.

You can leaf-through the catalog online or download it as .pdf-file.

UNiTap - Machine Tap for universal use

Due the patended cutting geometrie the machine tap is able to cut nearly all materials. It makes him usable in all application and provides best results.

The customer benefits are especially the big costs advantages und reducing the complexity. You only need one Machine Tap for all materials and applications.

A real revolution in thread cutting.

Custom-made taps and dies

      UNiForm machine forming taps

     Hardware Fair 2014 - Cologne

Sonder-Gewindewerkzeuge UNiForm Gewindeformer BAER Gewindebohrer - Eisenwarenmesse

Your contact for all special taps and dies and custom-made items.

Our over 40 years experience with threading tools helps us to find solutions in nearly all cases. We are able to supply you with special tools with a 100% efficiency for your production.

It is a pleasure to help you also in special wishes and we can realize even thread sizes that are out of standard and with special cutting geometries.

UNiForm forming taps for all applications

The thread forming process is much more faster, easier and efficient than the thread cutting process. It implicates that the market for forming tools increases.

BAER developed an forming tap that is able to produce internal threads in nearly all formable materials. It saves time and costs.

Visit us at Hardware fair in Cologne at 2014
Hall 10.2 - Booth: F020

It is the biggest fair for tools in the world and we are also there. It would be a please to meet you there. Please message us for tickets.
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